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    In the reactors of nuclear power plants load fuel rods. Fuel rods are filled by a nuclear fuel. A nuclear fuel is loaded as fuel pellets. The fuel pellets of nuclear fuel the best of all to make from the granules of pony-size. Such technology improves quality of nuclear fuel.
    For the receipt of particles of heavy metals powder-like methods or wetly by chemical methods can be used.
    The powder-like methods of receipt of granular nuclear materials behave to the first steps in this direction. As initial foods, for these methods, powders of oxides of heavy metals are required and, desirably, in a necessity the beforehand prepared composition. These powders interfuse with a connective component granulated. Commodity fraction is distinguished. Commodity fraction of product sintered with the receipt of oxydic granular product. 


    Vsevolod I. Sklabinskyi
    D.Sc., Professor

    The essence of development, its description, main characteristics. In the Sumy state university (SSU) works were conducted related to the receipt of nuclear fuel wetly by chemical methods. It is grounded by being of nuclear materials in form nitrate solutions after the secondary processing of irradiated fuel. These solutions are an initial product for the wetly by chemical methods of receipt of particles. SSU has an experience in development and creation of equipment for the wetly by chemical method of receipt of microspheres from salts of solutions of thorium, uranium or their mixture.
    The wet chemical method implemented by the following structural scheme:
    granulation nuclear atomic fuel At the beginning from initial solutions of heavy metals working solutions prepare with specific properties. Then these solutions through a device are crushed on separate drops. Drops harden in a liquid phase.
    On the stage of washing gel of particles takes place washing of particles from nitrates. On occasion this operation practically can be not required, because the groups of nitrates can be remote yet at preparation of working solutions.
    The stage of drying is intended for giving gel as spheres of necessary durability.
    Subsequent operation - eventual - this renewal and heat treatment, that depending on necessary properties of finish good and his chemical composition, also can have the specific requirements.
    Because the sintered granules of fuel are covered, with the use of process of pyrolysis, by the besieged carbon, then the got granules must have a monodisperse fraction composition.
    Operational status of the technology, results of implementation. SSU has an experience development of technology and apparatus registration of process of production micro spheres in a liquid phase with the diameter of particles 0,2-2,5 mm. The worked out equipment allows to get particles with the size of basic fraction d±10% - no less than 90%.
    Development of this technology and apparatus registration allows to use present scientific and technical potential of SSU for realization of works in area of creation of technology and equipment of receipt micro spheres of nuclear fuel on the basis of connections of uranium.

    Contact Us:
    2 Rymskogo-Korsakova str., Sumy, Ukraine, 40007
    Sumy State University (SSU)
    Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies
    Head of the Processes and Equipment of Chemical and Petroleum-Refineries Department
    D.Sc., Professor
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