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    International contract №04-14-90216-457 - R 01015 "Creating and manufacturing rotary vibrogranulator melt VVG 500/620 ammonium nitrate supplied with the drive, basket, vibrosystem, level measurement system melt and spare parts kit" (the customer"ENTEREGESDO SL »)

    Contract №51.18-02.14.SP Development of electrical dehydrator-demineralizers for the separation of water oil emulsion (for the Republic of Ghana (the customer - LLC "Mashhimnefteservis")

    Contract №51.18.-01.11/12.SP "Heat and masstransfer parts production with material equipment provided by the Customer, the technology developed by SSU" (the customer - LLC "Blitz")

    Contract №51.18-01.12.SP "Feasibility study and creation of alternative fuels using carbon residue obtained by recycling tires by pyrolysis (semi-coking) and study complex contractual cost of recycling tires" (the customer - privately held company "Real- service")

    Contract №51.18-02.12.SP "Making baskets pellet VVG 500/585" (the customer - JSC "Severodonetsk NITROGEN")

    Contract51.18-03.12.SP "Development, production, supply and commissioning of granulation equipment" (the customer - JSC "Stirol")

    Contract №51.18-04.12.SP "Calculating the efficiency of horizontal separators" (for Regal Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (the customer - JSC «Ukrgazvydobutok"))

    Contract №51.18-05.12.SP "Development of 3D models of remote controls for compressor stations" (for concern "UKRROSMETALL" (the customer - LLC "Sumy-Omex"))

    Contract №51.18-01.15.SP Computer-aided design 3D-models and computer-aided manufacturing programs for CNC SuDa VG-1318 (the customer - LLC "Bosco")

    Contract №51.21-01.13.SP Improvement of the separation of zinc oxide from waste water electroplating (for concern HMS Group (the customer - JSC "Nasosenergomash")

    Contract №51.18-02.15.SP Modern technologies and equipment for separation and classification of plant material dispersed mixtures (the customer - LLC Sumyfitofarmacia Ltd.)

    Contract №51.18-03.15.SP Development of the method thermomechanical processing plant-derived material and manufacturing experimental model of the device for its implementation (the customer - LLC "Razmolkom")

    Contract №51.18-04.15.SP Development «HEATER-TREATER» type device for oil refinery plant (for TyumenNIPIneft (the customer - JSC "Ukrhimproekt"))

    Contract №51.18-05.15.SP Design of separation, heat and mass transfer equipment installations for the production of ammonia water (the customer - LLC "Agroservice")

    Contract №51.18-02.16.SP Improvement and optimization of separation, heat and mass transfer equipment for petroleum pilot plant  (the customer - LLC "Allindustry")