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    Research Areas

    1. Processes and equipment of chemical and oil-processing industry, computer calculation and chemical equipment design.

    2. Processes and equipment of oil-processing industry, improvement of separation technology of gas condensate, water and oil mixtures, design and implementation of high-performance inertial and filtering gas separators, drop catchers, mist extractors.

    3. Contact devices for mass transfer processes.

    4. Technics and technology for obtaining and using the alternative and self-regenerating power supply.

    5. Design of rotodynamic pumps for juice, syrup, water and gas mixture, hydromixture pumping, which contain solid impurities of large size.

    6. Design of energy-efficient processes and equipment with active aerodynamic mode for technological process intensification.

    7. Vortex heat and mass transfer devices.

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    The Department focuses its research on intensification of heat and mass transfer processes in chemical technology, creation and application of new chemical equipment, as well as for solving ecological problems of chemical enterprises. The laboratories are equipped with mock-up and piloting apparatuses, models of the apparatuses and machines of chemical enterprises.

    Students, postgraduates, staff are involved in research activity of the Department.